Bubble Gum (Hybrid)
LINEAGE: Unknown (Indiana)
TYPE: Hybrid
THC: 15% - 20%    CBD: .2% - .45%
APPEARANCE:  Bubble Gum is covered in trichomes and orangish-red hairs.
SMELL: Bubble Gum smells sweet and fruity like Bubble Gum when touched
TASTE: Sweet and fruity
CREATED FEELINGS: Bubble Gum produces a balanced body and cerebral high that is relaxing.
DURATION:  The Bubble Gum high lasts around 2 hours. It is not the most intense strain.
SIMILAR STRAINS: Juicy Fruit, Blueberry and Agent Orange
Bubble Gum is a hybrid strain that gets its name from its sweet almost candy-like smell. It produces a well balanced body and head buzz that is relaxing and euphoric. This great tasting strain was originally grown in Indiana in the 1970s. It took many years, but Amsterdam growers were eventually able to stabilize the strain and produce consistent results. Medical users find Bubble Gum relieves muscle soreness and inflammation and is great for fast pain relief.
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